Tom Anzalone

Specialty: Comedy/Music

Interesting Fact: Anzalone trained in opera and also Performs as a Children's Performer, he's often called, "Song Flower Man."

Summary: With a few simple props, guitar and roll of electrical tape (yes, electrical tape), Tom Anzalone produces quick and quirky musical impersonations of Elvis, Elton, Springsteen and countless more. For example, His version of Springsteen recites the alphabet (to the tune of “Born In The U.S.A.”). Anzalone’s television credits  include America’s Funniest People (ABC) and the Showtime Comedy Club Network. he has also been profiled on radio’s All Things Considered (NPR). Some notable venue credentials include: New York City’s Laugh Factory, Atlantic City’s and Las Vegas’ Tropicana Hotels. He also performs regularly on Carnival and Royal Carribbean Cruise Lines. Wait there's more! Anzalone also plays at numerous colleges across the country. 
more recently, Anzalone has written, directed and starred in his own children and family oriented show, “Songflower Seeds” and has sung and co-written songs for a recording on A&M Records.